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Cabrinha Plasma Board

Cabrinha Plasma Board Details:

cabrinha plasma board. cabrinha kites crossbow ids

Plasma full Complete

Our Today Price: $719 USD
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( USA & Canada) 


The Plasma is our new, dedicated light wind board design. The design brief was centered on making a board that would be ridden in the threshold conditions of 10-12 knots. We not only wanted a board which would plane quickly but would deliver a high level of performance suited for light wind riding.

The result is a lightweight twin tip design with a wider, parallel outline and off center 3-D section and foot positioning. The PVC core Plasma has excellent tracking abilities and knack for getting a rider upwind in marginal conditions.The Plasma comes standard with the new Sync Backless Binding.


* Light Wind Performance Design
* Single Concave Bottom
* Offset 3D Section
* PVC Core
* Sync Backless Bindings
* Offset Footstrap Position
* ABS Sidewalls


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