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Saint Martin Snorkeling

 Saint Martin Snorkeling is truly a magical experience and you can now rent Anguilla snorkeling equipment directly from us.

Anguilla Snorkeling

Judd and Tal ready to dive...

Saint Martin is often described as "tranquility wrapped in blue". The sea has a glowing turquoise to deep navy blue color. The clarity of the water allows you to see the coral reefs that lie 30 feet or more below the surface. These waters, whether in the shallows or in the deeper channels between islands, are rich in marine life of every shape and size. Anguilla is ideal for diving & snorkeling

Saint Martin is fringed by coral reefs and has a number of small islets & cays dotted off the North Coast. There are a huge array of coral formations, walls, ridges ,canyons, tunnels, and trenches populated by common reef dwellers as well as the less common nurse sharks, rays, lobsters and turtles.

There are many ideal snorkeling locations close to the shore in calm water. It is well worth bringing your snorkel gear or renting snorkel gear while your in Saint Martin.

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