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About Saint Martin

Learn about Saint Martin and so much more...Saint Maarten is a wonderful island if your looking for beautiful beaches and activities.

Saint Martin is the smallest Island in the world to be shared by two sovereign governments-namely the Dutch and French.

Sint Maarten
- the Island name on the Dutch side, is known for its festive nightlife, beaches, jewelry, exotic drinks made with native rum-based guavaberry liquors, and plentiful casinos.


tropical paradise.Saint Martin is the smallest Island in the world to be shared by two sovereign governments-namely the Dutch and French.

Saint-Martin - on the French side, is known more for its water sports, nude beaches, clothes, shopping, and rich French and Indian Caribbean cuisine.

Between the two sides of the island there are 37 different beaches to choose from, each with its own distinctive attractions. Those on the French side tend to be more secluded and more conducive to quiet contemplation and privacy. The French side also has plenty of water sports.
Orient Bay is particularly enticing for its wide expanse of velvety white sand, its underwater marine reserve with a coral reef that is great for diving and snorkeling, and the variety of water sports that are offered here.

More about Saint Martin...

Approximately 85,000.

Dutch side language - Dutch. French side language- French.
On both sides English is a widely spoken, specially on the Dutch side.

Sint Maarten, the Dutch side - the Netherlands Antilles Guilder or Florin (ANG)
Saint Martin, French side - Euro.
Dollars are also accepted at both sides of the Island.

Weather in Saint Martin:
Saint Martin is tropical Island with hot weather most of the time, but changes at the winter.
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Saint Martin beaches:
Powdery white beaches, water sports, nude beaches, restaurants, bars, dance clubs and more you will find on the beaches of the aqua blue sea and incredible sunsets. (Read more)
About Saint Martin Accommodations:
Many of the Saint Martin Hotels and Saint Martin Villas have their own stretch of beach, but the ones that are more difficult to get to are especially worth exploring. Some are hugged by rugged cliffs and dramatic landscapes, while others are gently shaded by palm trees.
Tropical Paradise can provide you fantastic information about Saint Martin accommodations for you which you can take advantage of at preferred Tropical Paradise rates.
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Getting There:
Connections to some of the smaller islands are usually made through San Juan, Puerto Rico or St. Thomas. From San Juan and St. Thomas, regularly scheduled service is available on smaller Caribbean airlines to your final destination. Arriving from different destinations is possible by different airlines and also by special cruise to the Island. (Read more)
The history of Saint Martin:
The history about Saint Martin is very interesting. The Dutch side, with Philipsburg as its capital occupies the southern 17 square miles of this 37-square-mile island; St. Martin, a French dependency, occupies the northern half. The dual nationality adds variety to this most unique of island gems in the Caribbean Sea. Both Dutch St. Maarten and French St. Martin have maintained a peaceful coexistence for over 350 years, the longest of any two bordering nations. The two territories have enjoyed harmonious relations through their history and have shared the prosperity of many years without dispute. The Treaty of Concordia executed on March 23rd 1648 established this coexistence and has the unique distinction of being the oldest Treaty still in force today.
Dining in Saint Martin:
Saint Martinhas allot of dining choices, from the local food to fancy restaurants on both sides, French and Dutch sides.
You can enjoy kitesurfing lessons, windsurfing lesson, renting kayak, or your own boat, have a magical snorkeling day, Jet ski and more. Also enjoy some great kitesurfing and windsurfing spots and surfing areas.
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Swimming with dolphins:
Neptune Dive Club is ideally located on the Orient Bay beach at Saint Martin, on the French side of the Island. Certified CMAS and PADI, we offer every day diving initiation, PADI certification and scuba diving sessions.We invite you to discover one of the 55 diving spots of Saint Martin and explore its outstanding sea life including breathtaking Caribbean tropical fishes, corals reefs, wrecks, caves and canyons. Maybe you will even get pictures on Dolphins and do some Caribbean snorkeling.
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about saint martin.Saint Martin is the smallest Island in the world to be shared by two sovereign governments-namely the Dutch and French.
Spa & Relaxations:
Discover saunas, hammams, a magnificent pool of volcanic rock, where a combination of waterfalls, water jets and air jets provides a variety of massage options. Abandon yourself to the sooth water...
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Art Galleries in Saint Martin:
There are allot of art galleries in Saint martin, using wood, Pastels, oils, doing sculpture, paintings and more.
Secluded beach picnics, daily charter, snorkeling trips and more.
Horseback Riding:
You can get horse back riding on the beautiful beaches of Saint Martin.
It is a very popular activity and known about Saint Martin because of the mountains paths challenge. Great enjoyment.
Bombardier Quad riding:
A great fun activity in Saint Martin. Great enjoyment.
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